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Hi there!

We’re STATEMARK FINGERPRINTING AND BACKGROUND CHECKS, New Mexico’s premier company for fast, efficient, confidential and hassle-free Fingerprinting and Background Checks. Our services are available in Albuquerque and Cuba, New Mexico. If you are an employer, our mobile unit can set up right at your facility!

We’re dedicated to making this process as quick and painless as possible so you can meet the requirements of  your employer or licensing agency and get on with your life.

Just click on the “What Should I Dolink and you’ll be on your way in no time.


  • Old Fashioned Ink & Card
    • First card $14 +tax
    • Second card (insurance against print rejection) $7 +tax
  • Forensic quality, Electronic Fingerprint Scans
    • Live scan fingerprinting captures finger prints and palm prints electronically.
    • Live scan is used when a faster result is required. $15 +tax (additional fees for FBI)

NOTE:  We provide Caregiver background checks and fingerprinting for the New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program. Get more information by visiting our sister company, CannaCardsNM.com – click here.